Iron ore AG feed silo operation optimization using 3D vision system

CIM Montreal 2015
Arnaud Faucher (COREM), Gabriel Gagnon (ArcelorMittal Éxploitation Minière Canada s.e.n.c.)
Crushed rock size is an important variable for primary grinding mills operation. While traditional 2D vision systems perform well for many kinds of SAG feed materials, they fail to measure adequately AG feed iron ore particle size distributions (PSD). Three dimensional cameras are proven to produce accurate PSD measurement for this type of material. A technique developed at COREM that overcomes the limitations of 2D segmentation vision systems by using 3D cameras and appropriate processing methods will be presented. It provides online particle size distribution indicators and bulk volume flow rate measurements. It is designed to be very cost-effective, robust, precise, and easy to install and maintain. At ArcelorMittal, Mont-Wright, Canada, it was used to highlight that AG feed PSD variations on the new line 7 were due to segregation effects occurring in the silos between the crushers and AG mill 7. This variation was observed to be linked to the productivity of the mill. A new operation strategy was developed at ArcelorMittal Mont-Wright for the silo management and the outcomes of this new strategy will be presented.
Keywords: Crusher product, Bulk volume flow rate, Conveyor, Iron ore, Particle size distribution, Autogenous grinding, 3D vision system
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