CIM Montreal 2015
Chris Stafford (C.J. Stafford & Associates)

A lack of talent has plagued the mining sector for decades. The recent ‘supercycle’, that continued well into 2011, stretched the availability of talent to the extreme! Now, in a downward trend, layoffs are common occurrences and the sector has moved into negative territory.

Based upon experience, it is painfully obvious that any recovery will be challenged by lack of talent! The influence of baby boomers is fast disappearing as retirement becomes their ‘norm’. The next generation of millennials come with different needs and wants and will expect new and different terms of engagement. It is vital that employers recognise and address these ‘differences’ when in the hiring mode. Failing to understand the ‘new norm’ could prove disastrous in efforts to attract talent.

This presentation will address the issues and challenges that the mining industry has historically faced, failed to manage effectively and the steps it must take in order to attract and retain its future workforce.
Keywords: Career Development, Talent Shortage, Workforce Planning, Recruiting, Millenials, Managing, Sourcing, Human Resources
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