Operational Effectiveness Analytics for Mining - Innovations from IBM Research

CIM Montreal 2015
Jonathan Bnayahu (IBM Research - Haifa)
In the mining industry, reducing the operational cost and improving the operational sustainability are among the main imperatives. Coping with these imperatives, mining companies strive to continuously improve operation and refine working procedures. The term "operational effectiveness" is composed of multiple aspects, such as availability of equipment, levels of utilization and productivity measurements. IBM Research is working with mining companies to apply novel predictive and prescriptive analytic methods as well as visual analytics tools to operational data collected from the mines (e.g., dispatch systems, fueling, maintenance and infrastructure sensors, environmental data), provide better understanding of the operation and help expose areas for improvement. This talk presents the approach and challenges, demonstrates the analytic capabilities and tools, and showcases results from work.
Keywords: open-pit mining, analytics, spatiotemporal, operational efficiency, fuel optimization
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