GeoVenture Education Outreach Program – Rock’n the Classroom

CIM Montreal 2015
Pamela Schwann (Saskatchewean Mining Association), Kate Grapes Yeo (Saskatchewan Mining Association)

For 6 days every summer, 20 enthusiastic educators from across Saskatchewan are selected to participate in the SMA GeoVenture "Teachers Tour" program. This Education Outreach initiative, which started in 1977, is a fully-funded professional development opportunity that explores the provinces' mineral resource diversity by getting educators’ boots on the ground at uranium, potash and coal mining operations and related interpretive centres. Along with seeing modern mining techniques demonstrated first-hand, participants also learn about environmental and safety programs at the mine operations directly from practioners at site, as well as the diversity of career opportunities. The SMA GeoVenture Program has evolved over the years to demonstrate how activities at mining operations can be correlated with curriculum outcomes and indicators in a variety of grades and subject matters. The grade 7 Unit of Mixtures and Solutions is a perfect opportunity to showcase potash solution mining (or any other milling process). The SMA GeoVenture Program is an investment in ensuring that the next generation of community, industry and business leaders understand the importance of mining in contributing to our standard of living, and providing the world with products it needs.
Keywords: careers, Teachers, outreach, curriculum, Saskatchewan, Mining, students, Education
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