Exporting Impacts: How to Account for Projects Across Borders

CIM Montreal 2015
Candace Ramcharan (TBC)
Assessing social impacts and structuring stakeholder engagement for any major project is a complex undertaking that becomes even more so when the scope of those impacts begin to cross provincial and federal borders. Companies with projects and impacts spanning multiple jurisdictions face much different stakeholder dynamics than when operating in a single location, and there is very little existing guidance on how to manage this complexity. As a result, several projects in Canada such as TransCanada's Énergie Est pipeline or the KSM Copper and Gold Mine in British Columbia face severe opposition by certain stakeholders and companies are left struggling with how to gain social acceptability.

How then does a company managing a project with impacts across jurisdictions manage the complexity of different evaluation systems and consultation requirements, balance stakeholder concerns, and manage a new class of risks and opportunities? This presentation will explore these questions in a Canadian context and suggest different strategies for how a company can structure their stakeholder engagement programs so as to gain social acceptability while navigating cross-jurisdictional challenges.
Keywords: social impacts, social license, social acceptability, Stakeholder engagement
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