Challenges of Flowsheet Development for Iron Ore Projects

CIM Montreal 2015
Enzo Palumbo (BBA inc)
As high grade iron ore deposits are being depleted and the demand for iron ore increases, we are relying increasingly on the development of lower grade iron ore projects with more complex mineralogies. This leads to greater challenges in developing flowsheets and operating plants that are economical. This papers presents the challenges encountered in developing iron ore flowsheets for deposits that are increasingly complex and outlines some of the strategies to address these challenges, including the use of advanced mineralogical characterization and data analysis techniques, effective geologist-mine-process team communication, a well coordinated sample selection and collection plan, the use of modelling and simulation software, trade-off studies, test planning, oversight, and supervision of new and innovative technologies, as well as piloting of these technologies.
Keywords: grinding, data analysis, modelling and simulation software, flowsheet development
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