Interactive Digital Platforms for the Mining Industry – presenting intricate information in a meaningful way

CIM Montreal 2015
Debbie Shewfelt (North Rim)
Presenting and organizing extensive, cross-discipline and/or tabular mining data via intuitively accessible digital platforms can be accomplished. Through the creative application of contemporary industry software and online arenas, serving up information for assessment and discovery can be engaging for the designer and the recipient.

In addition to providing exploration and mining companies with user-friendly, informative and interactive digital databases, the same principles can be used to develop innovative teaching tools for up-and-coming industry professionals. Whether it’s a post-secondary classroom or a client’s digital data room, the user is looking to easily and quickly navigate vast amounts of data to compare and contrast or to learn and be challenged. No longer do we accept the painstaking task of combing through reams of data in various formats or versions. In our multi-media world, relaying and storing information in a way that captivates and promotes understanding is paramount in industry and academia alike.

This session will examine innovative ways to promote the ease of data accessibility for the mineral industry and inspiring learning in educational settings.
Keywords: exploration, interactive, data, teaching, mining, Innovation, databases, education
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