Improving ore quality in mine to mill using real time on-belt elemental analysis

CIM Montreal 2015
Henry Kurth (Scantech International)
The use of a proven real time elemental analysis technology to measure conveyed ore quality has resulted in significant improvements in mineral processing operations. Successful applications in iron ore and base metals operations are discussed. These include bypassing the beneficiation process where increments of product quality (or direct shipping ore) material are conveyed from the mine or stockpile, using the feed quality measurement to adjust the process for optimal ore recovery and waste rejection, measuring process feed and product conveyed flows to improve process recoveries, and blending feed materials to optimize the consistency of process feed quality to maximize plant utilisation.
Principles of operation and benefits of the PGNA through belt, full stream, continuous, multi-elemental, real time analysis technique are explained. Models for potential applications are discussed which are likely to further improve the benefits the technology can provide. These include bulk sorting ore received from the mine into stockpiles of known quality categories, rejecting waste increments after primary crushing to avoid processing waste unnecessarily, feed forward warning of process related quality parameters (major ore grade variation, increased deleterious component content, change in grinding performance indicators, etc.) to allow plant operators to pre-empt plant changes to optimize the treatment regime.
Keywords: elemental analysis, real time, process control
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