An Innovative Solution to Enhancing the Mining Curriculum

CIM Montreal 2015
Simon Houlding (EduMine (Professional Development Division of InfoMine Inc)), Mariana Reinoso (EduMine (Professional Development Division of InfoMine Inc)), Malcolm Scoble (Norman B Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering)
There is a shortage of qualified, experienced faculty with which to build adequate curricula at mining schools around the world. One of the best ways to counter this is to involve industry specialists wherever possible. However, industry specialists tend to be in great demand and have limited availability. The solution is to get industry specialists to develop online, on-demand courses that can be taken by anyone in the global mining community at any time … i.e. to dramatically increase the teaching effectiveness of each specialist. There are four key requirements for ensuring that this is a viable, cost effective solution: (1) a sustainable business model based on royalties that makes it attractive for specialists to develop such courses; (2) a lightweight course delivery platform that is effective in the remote areas with poor communications where mining tends to occur; (3) development of a critical mass of available courses on appropriate mining topics that allows mining companies to supplement their training programs and mining schools to enhance their curricula; (4) accreditation and quality control of the courses. This paper presents the development of such a solution by EduMine (the professional development division of InfoMine Inc) in collaboration with the University of British Columbia.
Keywords: teaching, distance learning, mining curriculum, online courses
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