OTR Wheel & Rim Certification On-Site

CIM Montreal 2015
Tim Beardall (OTR Rim Certification, Inc.)
In order to gain a fundamental understanding of the operational behavior of operational machinery over a specified time period, a robust data collection process must be firmly established and adhered to.
Currently in Canada there is no official standard requiring wheels and rims to undergo regular inspections, certifications and refurbishment. However, this patent pending inspection process for OTR wheels and rims complies with ASTM E2884 that is recognized worldwide.
Current method for examining OTR rims is Magnetic Particle or Visual Inspection. This is a slow process, can miss indications and wheels and rims have to be sandblasted before inspection. At best, this method can determine whether a flaw exists, but is unable to provide information on defect severity.
The failure of multi-piece wheel assemblies used with heavy mining vehicles has been the cause of a series of injuries and deaths in Canada over the years. Industrial partners, Workplace Safety organizations and Insurance companies, have undertaken investigations to quantify the mechanical performance of multi-piece wheel assemblies for the purpose of enhancing safety.
Most OTR rims are shipped to a central facility for inspection and recertification. Numerous times mining customers are shipping rims with no defects adding a large expense for recertification. Other examples of wasted expense are rims being shipped that are scrap.
This program provides on-site inspection services for OTR wheels and rims. With this program, the only wheels and rims shipped offsite are the ones for repair. This reduces costs to the end user and simplifies logistics for OTR wheel and rim inspection.
The benefits of this program are providing an increased understanding and accountability for the lifecycle of OTR wheels and rims. Safety is the key reason for the development of this program.
Keywords: OTR, Wheel, Certification, Rim, Repair, Inspection, Scrap
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