Safety and productivity improvements through the use of a collision avoidance system

CIM Montreal 2015
Todd Ruff (SAFEmine Technology USA)
Visibility limitations from the cab of surface mining equipment are a contributing factor in many of the collisions with smaller vehicles, workers on foot, or other machines. Collision avoidance and traffic awareness systems are available that can help prevent these collisions and the trend is toward the integration of multiple technologies to offer comprehensive protection. For example, the SAFEmine collision avoidance system integrates GPS-based vehicle location tracking, radar, cameras, and wireless communications. The ability of this type of system to integrate other sensor technologies is important in meeting specific needs at a mine site. For example, in addition to safety improvements, productivity gains can be realized through the use of the SAFEmine system’s sensor monitoring and communications capabilities. Case studies on the use of the SAFEmine system to monitor water and fuel truck productivity are presented, along with the ability of the system to prevent vehicle collisions.
Keywords: Collision, Vehicle, Avoidance, Monitoring, Safety, Traffic, Productivity
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