Innovative safety practices to break through the plateaus in performance

CIM Montreal 2015
Corrie Pitzer (SAFEmap International)
The safety performance of most companies has stalled in recent years. Many experience long periods of success - only to be hit with sudden surges of serious accidents or near catastrophic events.

Modern organizations are increasingly like the Titanic: our delusions let us enter ‘safe’ waters at full speed, ignoring obvious signs of impending catastrophe, because our ships are deemed ‘unsinkable’. This paper analyses several delusions in accident-prone organizations (such as BP Texas, Bhopal, Piper Alpha - and possibly yours…) and offers new perspectives to break through the plateaus in safety performance.

There are also organizations and professions that operate at extremely levels of danger, yet do so with incredible competence and success. Fire fighters, deep-sea oil rigs, fishing vessels, aircraft carrier decks and the age-old infantry platoon. The go into risk, not away from it. What do they do differently?

This paper explores reasons for these inexplicable trends, and offers innovative ideas and new approaches for companies and the safety profession.
Keywords: safety, organization, innovation, risk
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