Controlling the Real Time Business across the Mineral Processing Value Chain

CIM Montreal 2015
Peter Gerard Martin (Schneider Electric)
Over the past decade critical variables of mineral processing business have transitioned from highly stable over long time frames to virtually real-time variability. Yet few companies have made the necessary changes to effectively respond to this increasing speed of business. Real-time computing has been effectively applied to the control the efficiency of mineral processing for decades. Today real-time control theory must be applied to key business variables across the entire mineral processing value chain for mining companies to keep their competitive edge. This paper will discuss the driving forces causing the transition of business variables to real-time variability, the problems that the increasing speed of business are creating and an approach to meet these challenges through the effective application to real-time control theory to the business of mineral processing. Additionally, real-time business measurement and empowerment approaches are being developed to control the financial performance of both fixed and mobile assets in mineral processing. These approaches and examples of success will be discussed. Mineral processing companies must measure their business in real-time, implement real-time decision support throughout their value chain and drive continuous profitability improvement to survive and thrive in this emerging real-time business environment.
Keywords: Value Chain, Profitability Control, Control Theory, Business Measurement, Real-Time Business
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