Hydraulic driven piston pumps for the transport of pastes and slurries in the mining industry

Symposium 2015 Rouyn-Noranda
Mr Peter Peschken (Putzmeister Solid Pumps GmbH)
More and more mines are using double piston pumps for conveying pastes, cakes and slurries.

Stiff pastes are normally used for the stabilization underground. Cement and ashes were added to create a construction material with sufficient strength.

For the tailings and ore transport above ground, slurries are produced and transported over long distances to deposits or to preparation plants.

With this presentation we will show you various job sites around the world where different materials are pumped, giving you the relevant information about the pastes and slurries which were pumped, information about the paste preparation plants, advantages of the paste systems and when to use which type of piston pump.
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