Innovation in Canada's Emerging Rare Earth Sector

Vancouver 2014
The Canadian Rare Earth Elements Network or ‘CREEN’ was formally launched at the Rare Earth Symposium at MetSoc’s COM13 in late 2013. CREEN is an industry-led, multi-stakeholder network focused on providing collaborative solutions that will advance Canada’s REE sector to produce a significant proportion of the global production of separated critical rare earth products by 2018. The network is led by companies with REE projects under development and is supported by universities, engineering firms, and national and commercial laboratories.

CREEN aims to accelerate the development and delivery of timely solutions to technical and economic issues specifically facing Canada’s emerging rare earth sector. It will facilitate partnerships with other national and international organizations to leverage existing research initiatives. It will also support training and education to ensure that the needed qualified human resources are available to achieve the sector’s goals.

CREEN membership will span the full rare earth supply chain, from prospective producers, advanced project developers, national and commercial laboratories, engineering consultants, university researchers, and other innovators. Industry drives the projects to ensure they are directly applicable to the challenges in this exciting field.

This presentation will speak to CREEN's rapidly developing networking and project development initiatives in response to global competition, by strengthening Canada’s downstream mining, metallurgical and chemical processing and supply chains (that reach from mining to end user applications) to address the demand for emerging energy efficient and clean technologies.
Keywords: E-learning, Formation, Évaluation authentique, Opérations minières, Apprentissage par compétences
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