CEMI Rapid Development Program

Vancouver 2014
For a drift access underground mining operation, the mining process can generally be summarized as development, production drilling, blasting, mucking, filling, crushing, conveying and hoisting. Advances in technology have resulted in reduction in the execution times for the majority of these process steps. Development, however, not only has not kept pace with the other processes, there has been a steady decrease in performance of this step.

In the underground mining industry, it is more critical than ever that ore bodies be accessed as quickly as possible. This will allow for earlier extraction of the ore, thereby granting earlier return on investment, and also a reduction in the overall mining cost. As a result, it will enable an increase in the quantity of profitable mineral reserve to be mined.

Any effort to increase development rates must lead towards increasing the utilization of the advancing face. CEMI’s objective is to dramatically increase this utilization, thereby increasing the speed by which development headings can be advanced. Four (4) projects have been identified that will lead to a step-change improvement.
Keywords: conception, aluminium, wagon
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