Mining Industry Top 5 Risks

Vancouver 2014
It’s a perplexing time to be in the mining industry. After a severe global financial crisis dashed commodities prices and swept aside a six-year boom, a promising two-year recovery gave the industry reason to hope. But the global economy has relapsed into another downturn, staunching global demand and forcing down commodities prices once again. This turn of events has the industry focusing on risk all over again. Many industry leaders believe that this downturn is a crisis of confidence more than a crisis of fundamentals. Economics and commodity prices may be beyond the control of the industry, but a lot can be accomplished through good management as we have witnessed since the first economic crisis. Lee will discuss “What are the major risks that management faces in 2014?” He will draw on KPMG’s surveys of mining industry executives which asked them to prioritize the five biggest risks they would be facing.
Keywords: Mobility, Inspections, Asset Management, Maintenance
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