The Cañariaco Copper Project - Mineral Exploration and Development within the Context of a Diverse and Complex Andean Community in Northern Peru

Vancouver 2014
Candente Copper is developing the Cañariaco Copper project in the remote Andean Highlands of Northern Peru. The project is currently at the feasibility stage with site activities composed of drilling, Environmental Impact and Social Baseline Studies, and Community Sustainable development initiatives.

This presentation will address the challenges and opportunities that exist when addressing social and sustainable development initiatives with communities relatively unexposed to development and which also lack experience with the mining industry (exploration), within the context of contemporary community values, acute poverty, local, regional and national politics, and change.

The presentation will cover 5 interrelated components that illustrate the backdrop within which the Cañariaco team has been operating during the period of 2011-2014.

1) Project Setting: A brief socio-economic and cultural description of the three ecological zones and 48 hamlets that constitute the Community of San Juan Bautista de Cañaris, in the Andean Highlands of Northern Peru.

2) Project Review: A brief review of the project history and how the Candente CSR team works within the community to develop sustainable agricultural projects in coffee, forestry, and cultivation of Quinoa. A process based on collaboration and Partnerships, with the recognition of the strengths and weaknesses of the participating communities. Working to improve agricultural production, but also on the recognition of value chains, appropriate business models, and partnerships with local, national and international entities.

3) Community Agreement and Land Access: Achieving a 3 year land access agreement for all exploration and feasibility study activities with the community of San Juan Bautista de Cañaris, and the resulting Comite of Administration that involves community members in the management of a fund established for local development.

4) Partnerships in Development – Internal and External:
The presentation will review the partnerships that the Candente team has developed with the local communities, government, independent entities and NGO’s.

5) Political Framework: A brief discussion of governance within Peru and how politics at the local, regional and national levels have had direct and indirect effects on the communities and the project.
Keywords: Partenariat, Innovation
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