New Paradigms for Gender Diversity in the Mining Sector

Vancouver 2014
The competition for skilled labour is intensifying, an issue that will only worsen as the Canadian mining industry prepares for the most significant labour shortage in its history. To ensure a sustainable labour pool from which to draw from, the mining sector must act strategically to engage underrepresented groups and increase workforce diversity. Recent research efforts have identified the significant and measurable impacts that gender diversity can have on an organizations’ bottom line. Industry, policy makers and educators have applied this research in an effort to engage more women in the mining sector. Despite these efforts, the gender gap in mining persists.
Based on a recent research study of highly qualified women in mining, exclusive workplace culture has been identified as the most significant employment barrier restricting the advancement and retention of women in the sector. This paper will present several case studies that investigate new paradigms of gender diversity and explore their applications within the Canadian mining industry. The findings of this study provide a framework for measuring the impacts of diversity policy and industry initiatives.
Keywords: Rock Mechanics , Instrumentation , Mining
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