Engaging the Workforce to Achieve Perfection

Vancouver 2014
Has your organization ever suffered through the frustration of capital project or major turnaround going long and being over budget? This session will introduce the audience to a planning approach/methodology, which when applied correctly, will maximize your ability to complete capital projects and shutdowns safely, on time and on budget.

We will start with a case study to illustrate how the approach works in the real world. Then we will take a more analytical tact by explaining our approach and some of the keys to successful execution.

After 30 years of working with teams, our experience can be summarized as ‘None of us is as smart as all of us.” Engaging and involving member at all levels, getting them aligned towards efficient delivery, keeping performance visible throughout the job and capturing and sharing lessons and best practices along the way is central to success.
There are elements of this approach that may be familiar and some that you may already be practicing. What we hope to do is stimulate a conversation about how to improve on what you are doing by sharing what we’ve learned from our experience.

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