Growing a diverse workforce for business continuity: Principles for effective leadership

Vancouver 2014
Each year, companies develop business and workforce plans that require the hiring and retention of an ever more diverse workforce to address the looming labor shortage. Developmental plans are put in place to build leaders who can achieve consistent, optimum performance levels, and deliver Operational Excellence in a culture of safety and reliability.
Business plans seek new results, which require new behaviour (people must do things differently), and rely on the leadership pipeline to align, engage and develop the leaders that report to them. However, annual planning typically leaves leadership behaviour to chance, trusting that leaders will be able to figure out how to “do the right thing” to ensure execution. Under stable operating conditions with a mature, long-service workforce this is less of a risk. However, with ever increasing performance expectations the ever increasing diversity of the workforce causes headaches for leaders.
Sharpen leadership effectiveness in leading business plan deployment by adding an emphasis on behavioural execution. This presentation offers research-based insights and a practical application tool for leaders at all levels and functional process owners to:
• Align employees to consistently deliver safe, reliable operations
• Use validated leadership practices for fast, effective, reliable employee alignment and engagement
• Engineer specific leadership practices with targeted leader behaviour plans against business performance targets

Keywords: Design optimization, Open stope , Ore-skin, DFN, Hangingwall Sloughage, Cost of dilution
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