Smarter Safety

Vancouver 2014
Looking at Mining Safety in a Completely New Way: A Vision for Smarter Safety
The astronomical costs of serious incidents cause mining companies horrific and incalculable costs: human life, environmental turmoil, crippling shut-downs, massive financial losses, and recently, the displacement of leaders from their executive roles. The leadership of mining companies is demanding more safety, but we have been resistant to make meaningful changes to the practices of old. It’s time to look at mining safety in a completely new way, one that uses safety information to derive new insights, and employs leading edge techniques such as location and geospatial awareness, video analytics, serious video gaming technology, predictive analytics, social networking, and a host of other new approaches to aspire to a world of zero incidents.
Join David Carter, Global Mining Industry Leader of IBM, in an exclusive session that will highlight the key drivers of what needs to change in safety operations and what fascinating, other-worldly ideas are driving safety innovation today in our Smarter Planet.
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