Asset Management as the Path to Financial Enlightenment

MEMO 2014
Asset Management is often stereo typed as being about maintenance and reliability. In truth it is more than that; at its core, Asset Management is about providing guidance and direction through the best and worst of times.

Recent developments, like the introduction of PAS55 and ISO55000, outline the boundaries of Asset Management as almost limitless when it comes to establishing and verifying a combined, optimized, and whole-life management system relating to your physical assets.

As designers, constructors, operators and maintainers we control key components of the Asset Management domain and yet when the pressure from markets and senior management come calling for reduced costs and protection of margins we abandon the thinking that is best placed to guide us through these tougher times.

This paper will explore and explain how the application and adherence of these principles can provide such guidance and deliver true enlightenment in the face of ever changing financial constraints.
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