Mitigating Hydraulic System Failures Using Advanced Magnetic Filtration

MEMO 2014
The road to 95% availability requires changes to today’s reliability strategies. Strategy augmentations need to include early failure detection, failure mitigation and post failure remediation. As equipment maintenance intervals are pushed and production demands intensify, the associated risks increase rapidly and become indefinable. Proactive strategies are needed to balance reliability costs associated with improved availability.

Relatedly, hydraulic system failures are generally very costly and are often associated with lengthy outages and repeat failures. More than 85% of hydraulic system failures are event based (RCM code E) and therefore unpredictable. Some of the factors contributing to hydraulic system failures are the limitations of oil analysis to provide timely predictions for acute failures; the limited holding capacity of media filtration for containing contamination generated during a failure; and residual contamination following repair and flushing procedures. In some applications, magnetic filtration can overcome these inherent factors, helping to prevent and mitigate system failures.

Many hydraulic system failures are avoidable and those that do occur can be contained. This presentation describes some of the current applications in mobile mining equipment including actual field results related to early failure detection and failure mitigation achieved with selective applications of magnetic filtration. These results from numerous mine and construction sites have been collected over the past six years.

Magnetic filtration strategies are pro-active and passive while not adding any scheduled maintenance tasks. Actual ROI’s have been substantial.
Keywords: pro-active,maintenance,reliability,filtration,prevention,availability,failure,hydraulic
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