The firms in construction industry could not sufficiently adapt the rapidly emerging information technologies in recent years into their corporate structures. Therefore, in an effort to further exploit the benefits of information technology (IT), integration of the experiences and backgrounds of construction industry and the advantages of IT, is one of the most open-ended fields for improvement in this industry. Utilization of IT in the construction sites will positively affect the efficiency, productivity, quality and health & safety issues in the construction sites thus the cost and completion time of the projects. Within this context, augmented reality technology, which brings a new perspective into IT, can be put into the service of construction industry. Augmented reality which has been designed to improve the services in many application domains such as school education, military warfare, military trainings, industrial maintenance, retail and medical, can be defined in the simplest form as augmenting the real world with information from the virtual world. The main aim of this study, which presents an overview of an ongoing project, is to develop an innovative method by making a construction worker, foreman, equipment operator or a site engineer watch a very comprehensive and informative animation which will enable the said staff to perform or supervise all the phases of the activity he or she is in charge for in a more efficient, productive, safer and qualified manner by means of smart glasses using augmented reality systems.
Keywords: Construction; Systems; Glass; Projects; Training; Engineering; quality; Safety; efficient; Phase;
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