By virtue of its complex nature, the construction industry comprises a wide spectrum of interrelated variables and factors. This multifaceted character of the construction industry puts the use of engineering modeling tools and techniques on top of project management necessities. This research introduces a macro-level earthmoving management system using Genetic Algorithms (GAs) to reach the optimum allocation of earthmoving equipment. The Earthmoving Equipment Management System (EEMS) functions through four integrated modules: (1) A Central Database containing information about projects and available equipment; (2) An Equipment per Segment Selection module that calculates the cut and fill quantities, plots the Mass Haul Diagrams, and selects the equipment types to be used for each segment; (3) An Equipment Pool module which determines the production and cost for each available equipment, based upon the project site conditions; and (4) An Optimization Engine equipped with a GA optimization solver. This engine formulates the optimum earthmoving cost for all projects, by changing the number of allocated equipment.
Keywords: Equipment; Projects; Models; Model; Operation; Cost; Costs; optimization; Construction;
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