As of November 2012, the Alberta government listed 53 oil and gas, oil sands, and mining construction projects either proposed or currently under construction. These industrial plant construction projects have an estimated value greater than 105 million dollars. A common construction method employed for industrial plant projects is fast-track construction, which is used to reduce construction time. Contractors begin fast-track construction with highly generic scheduling information. This high level schedule turns into a lower level schedule as more detailed information becomes available. From a contractor’s perspective, a challenge faced using fast-track construction is the visualization of generic and constantly changing project schedules. This paper discusses the use of a Plant Information Modeling (PIM) system, designed to create a 4D animation to visualize project schedules for fast-track industrial plant construction projects. The proposed PIM system creates a modified project schedule by obtaining specific information from a generic construction schedule. Obtaining the information involves grouping schedule activities in accordance with the level of detail in a 3D model, and the level of detail in a project schedule.
Keywords: Projects; Construction; Models; Model; industrial; Information; Systems; Plants; Modeling; Scheduling;
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