Most mining and metallurgical industries produce relatively large quantities of low grade waste heat which they vent, for the most part, to the environment. To date, little is being done to recover some of this heat and transform it from low grade to a high grade energy form such as electricity. A few decades back this was also true of paper, plastics and metals. Recycling was not a prominent activity. Today, we all know that it is and that recycling is a must for sustainable development. To this end, we feel that we are now at that point in time when the recycling of waste heat to electricity must be given serious consideration. By recycling waste heat one can achieve at least one if not two of the following benefits: 1) reduction in the carbon footprint – by improving the overall energy efficiency of a process, and 2) production of electricity at an economically viable cost.
Keywords: Heat pipes; Heat; energy; Engines; Wastes; Waste; Electricity; Grade; Systems;
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