Detailed as-built project schedules are necessary to close out construction projects, benchmarking, forecasting, dispute resolution, and improving cost estimates of future projects. Manual procedures for developments of as-built documentation is time consuming, involves numerous interfaces and human interventions. This paper presents computational framework that encompasses automated site data acquisition and generates schedule updates utilizing commercially available project scheduling software. The work is carried out collaboratively with a Hydro Quebec team. The site data is captured employing mobile computing using iPad® type computers and Wi-Fi. The information is directly compiled in a centralized database server. The synchronization tool is a bi-directional application and is used on servers to communicate with iPad® computers deployed onsite. The captured data is stored in Microsoft SQL® relation database that consists of 63 entities. Computer software application has been developed in Microsoft Visual Basic® ( environment for extracting the collected site data, linking the database to the as planned schedule, and generating the actual, also known as as-built schedule. The development can be utilized in automated progress reporting, evaluating future bids, generating master schedules and a wide range of efficient EVM applications.
Keywords: Data; Construction; database; Databases; Projects; Information; Systems; Reports; Computers; Computer;
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