*K. Stankiewicz, D. Jasiulek, J. Rogala-Rojek, and S. Bartoszek

KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology

Pszczynska 37

44-101 Gliwice, Poland

(*Corresponding author:

Projects as regards state-of-the-art mechatronic systems aiming at increase of safety in the mining industry and at improvement of coal production technologies, which have been completed at the KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology, are presented. These projects cover automation, monitoring and visualization systems, systems for implementation of artificial intelligence techniques, and database recording systems.

iRIS system for electronic marking, identification, and recording of components of powered roof supports, which was implemented in 31 Polish mining enterprises, is presented as an example of the work directly associated with an increase of operational safety. Specialists from KOMAG, ELSTA, Ltd., and Silesian University of Technology in Poland, have developed flexible, configurable, and scalable system for data management, which refers to all fixed assets of mining enterprises, meeting the requirements of users as regards marking and identification of fixed assets.

The system for control of roadheaders using intelligent algorithms, based on artificial intelligence techniques is also the example of innovative actions. This system aims at increasing the safety and effectiveness of teamwork due to a possibility of remote, semiautonomous operation. Introduction of artificial intelligence technology enables adaptation of roadheader mining system to the present mining-and-geological conditions.

Moreover, work aiming at implementation of state-of-the-art system for control of mine jig’s beneficiation node, integrating machines and equipment in one system, is carried out as regards automation, information integration, and visualization in coal beneficiation process.

Work on recovery and conversion of thermal energy, which is a by-product during operation of machines and equipment, especially mine diesel drives, is presented. Systems for energy recuperation are more and more important due to the necessity of continuous increase of power production efficiency.
Keywords: Systems; Control; Controls; Control; control system; Control Systems; Roof support; Roof supports; Operation;
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