Vahid Faghihi

Texas A&M University

Construction Engineering and Management

Zachry Department of Civil Engineering

Construction, Geotechnical and Structures Division

3136 TAMU

College Station, Texas 77845-3136

Julian Kang

Texas A&M University

Department of Construction Scinece

SatraPM is a web-based software package, aiming to help project managers to easily handle their construction projects via internet. This software is capable of handling all projects of an organization, in which all projects can be defined in EPS the same as users in OBS. A 3D accessing module links EPS, OBS and inherent functions in order to provide a secure environment for the data to be processed throughout the system. This paper intends to take a deeper look at capabilities of SatraPM in helping project managers to keep track of and control their construction projects as well as its potential future features.
Keywords: Projects; Management; project management; Data; Construction; Reports; Structure; Implementation; Performance;
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