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Aggregates production is a huge global industry which uses an enormous amount of energy and produces a massive amount of unsalable fines. Reducing the amount of energy used per tonne of product and/or the amount of fines produced, would make a quarry more efficient. This reduction would make the quarry more environmentally friendly and profitable. This research looks at modelling Mountsorrel Quarry, a granite quarry in the United Kingdom (UK), using JKSimMet and Split-Desktop software packages in conjunction with the European Union (EU) project, EE-Quarry. Samples submitted to drop weight tests confirmed Mountsorrel Quarry granite as an extremely hard granite. Rock fracture data (t10) and energy of comminution (ECS) data were obtained from analysing the results.
Keywords: Crushers; Quarry; Fines; particles; Blast; JKSimMet; Materials; cone crusher; power draw; Rocks;
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