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Replacing diesel power in underground metal mining vehicles with available clean energy (e.g. hydrogen, lithium-ion batteries) is now a priority due to worker health issues, the increasing price of diesel, ventilation costs and air quality. Hydrogen fuel cells are a known and broadly applied power technology. They have been the focus of a dedicated research program to carry our proof of concept projects as well as regulatory developments for mining application. However, hydrogen remains a demanding energy vector to use in confined, underground applications. Standardization and safety considerations are being addressed in the industrial consortium Hydrogen Mine Introduction Initiative (HMII). Research projects are being carried out to resolve the gaps for regulated use. This article focuses on HMII objectives and Project results. The first has reviewed the relevant codes and standards and mine regulations, indicating that hydrogen and fuel cells could be allowed underground and that current codes, especially the Canadian Hydrogen Installation Code would be sufficient for hydrogen use.
Keywords: Underground; test; Tests; Mine; Mines; Fuel cell; Fuel cells; Projects; Power;
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