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Based on the analysis of issues associated to conflicts between communities and mining companies in Mexico, this paper suggests actions to make mining more sustainable in Mexico. Interviews with key informants and a revision of documental information available on the internet provided information on 15 cases of conflicts in various parts of the country. The issues varied from incompliance with environmental law to assassination of community members opposing mining. The analysis concludes that mining is not sustainable in Mexico. Both mining companies and the Government of Mexico can make changes to improve sustainability. Mining companies could take a proactive approach and engage in consultation with communities before starting operations. Sharing information with communities on environmental management programs and monitoring results can be a way to start building trust and demonstrate environmental commitments. Companies can implement and evaluate CSR policies to ensure that all staff and contractors are trained on them to reduce and/or prevent corruption and violations of human and indigenous rights. Only 3 of the 15 companies had clear social responsibility policies or sustainability targets, but no reports evaluating them.
Keywords: mining; Mexico; Impact; Impacts; Government; Governments; Projects; Information; Waters;
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