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The concept and practices of co-extraction of coal and methane have emerged in recent years to improve coal mining safety and productivity, utilise methane resources, and reduce fugitive emissions in environments that involve multiple coal seams with low gas permeability. The system of co-extraction integrates two previously separate operations of coal extraction and methane drainage. The coal mining operation reduces the coal seam gas pressure and creates strata fractures that enhance gas migration and capture from mine workings and surrounding coal seams. An effective methane drainage operation produces a consistent and quality clean energy product and, at the same time, reduces the methane concentration in underground workings and the methane content and pressure in the adjacent coal seams. This is a significant benefit in preventing gas explosions and outbursts, and promotes a safer and more productive coal mining environment.
Keywords: methane; Boreholes; Drainage; Mine; Mines; mining; Concentration; Coal seams;
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