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Ventilation Air Methane (VAM) is a high volume low concentration methane source. The capture or use of methane from VAM is challenging, which results in the routine discharge of methane into the atmosphere. Mitigating VAM has the benefits of providing an energy source and reducing the atmospheric Greenhouse Gas (GHG) burden. The GHG radiative forcing effect of methane is 17–23 times as potent as carbon dioxide on a 100-year time horizon. Thus, any reduction in atmospheric methane would be beneficial. The calorific value of methane is 55.5 MJ/Kg; therefore, a 100 m3/s flow with VAM concentrations from 0.1–1% can provide 3.8–38 MW of exploitable power.
Keywords: methane; Systems; flow; energy; Air; Concentration; Heat; Combustion; Fuel;
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