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Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs) are vast structures that respond to site-specific characteristics, rate of production, placement techniques, and the physical and mechanical properties of tailings. As a common denominator, TSFs are in some degree vulnerable to failure due to liquefaction, poor management, slope instability and/or unusual climatic events. In practice, stability of TSFS is determined by calculating a minimum Factor of Safety (FOS) using the Limit Equilibrium Method (LEM). However, it has been proven that relying exclusively on the limit equilibrium approach is not accurate because it is basically a static method that does not take into account the stress-strain distribution and displacement experienced by the constitutive materials of a TSF. In order to overcome these limitations of the LEM, the finite element method - Shear Reduction Technique (SRT) has been used as a more reliable tool for TSFs stability assessment.
Keywords: tailings; analysis; Stability analyses; stability analysis; Displacement; Materials; failures; Failure;
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