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China is the largest coal producer in the world. In 2012, the coal production in China is 3.65billion tonnes, accounting for approximately 49% of global coal production. The raw coal production in 2012 was 3.8% more than the year 2011. 56% of total raw coal has been washed. The increase in raw coal production also promotes technology to be developed and brings separation capacity become larger and larger in coal processing in China. At present, over 40 extra-large scale coal preparation plants (each plant has capacity of more than 10 Mtpa) are in operation in China, the largest one is 32.5 Mtpa. Heavy medium separation are widely used in new built coal preparation, the washing limit for thermal coal feed lower and lower, the equipment selection tends larger which brings the whole washing system simplified, the local equipment developed and manufactured are more and more used. By discussing designs of several typical thermal coal preparation plants and coking coal preparation plants in China, this thesis introduces the current design of China’s extra-large coal preparation plants, and sums up the prevailing design features and trends of extra-large coal preparation plants.
Keywords: Coal preparation; Plants; Coal; Separation; Design; Capacity; Systems; Coking coal; Processes;
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