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Steeply dipping seam refers to the coal seam with dipping angle in the range of 35–55°, which is well recognized to be very hard to mine by the mining industry all the world. In the last two decades, some fundamental researches were focused on the strata behavior of long-wall panel, complicated rock mass breaking process of the steeply dipping seam, overburden stress field developing and evolution, rock strata breaking and moving process, rock structure stability mechanism and control. Results show that it’s presenting macro stress arch-shell (MSAS) of the stress distribution of the overlying rock in steeply dipping seam. The MSAS is the spatial distribution of intensity envelope line under the strength criterion and has the geometry shape asymmetry as well as the stress distribution heterogeneity. The arch- shell base will forward as the working face mine forward and the shell roof will extend to higher overlying strata above the gob. In this paper, the stress arch-shell analysis model and coordinate system were established and analyzed the inclined masonry structure at different zone. Analysis results show that the rock damage at the key part of the arch-shell is the main factor which causes whole overlying rock structure failure. The rock structure instability modes have tension instability of the shell roof, compression-shear instability of the shell shoulder and composite instability of the shell base, meantime, instability coefficient is proposed to determine instability condition. The above research results enrich the complex coal seams mining theory and provide a theoretical basis for mining safely and efficiently in steeply dipping seam.
Keywords: Rocks; Rock; Shell; stress; Structure; mining; failures; Failure; failures;
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