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Coal is the mainstay of Indian energy supplies. The many-fold increase in demand for coal puts a huge pressure on augmenting production, primarily from opencast mines. The increase in production necessitates heavy blasting in overburden and coal benches of opencast mines, which poses numerous challenges in carrying out blasting operations techno-economically. Presently, the consumption of industrial explosives and accessories in Coal India Limited (CIL) has touched a whopping figure of $350 million USD per annum and CIL will be spending approximately $1 billion USD between 2012–2013 to 2014–2015 for procuring explosives and accessories. This paper discusses some of key challenges faced in various mines of CIL during blasting, where blast instrumentation at the mine level will prove to a harbinger for practicing blasting engineers. Presently, the problem of scattering in surface detonators and down-the-hole detonators affects the blast performance significantly by increased blast induced ground vibration and reduced fragmentation.
Keywords: Blast; Explosives; Performance; Mines; Mine; Mines; Projects; fragmentation; blasting;
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