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The paper presents the initial investigation of possible energetic applications of chosen wastes from groups: 06, 03, 05 and 01, including coal slimes being secondary product of hard coal processing. These categories of wastes are catalogued according to the polish law, where 06 – wastes from production, preparation, purchasing and application of products of non-organic chemistry; 03 – wastes from wood processing and from plates and furniture, celluloid mass, paper and card board production; 13 – oil wastes and wastes from liquid fuels; 01 – wastes produced by searching, extracting, physical and chemical processing of ores and other mineral raw materials. The change of combustion heat value was evaluated in produced energetic mixtures containing these types of wastes together with the change of their individual components. All combinations of ingredients were taken into consideration giving 256 various mixtures, from which 36 were selected to investigation. This allowed the performance of statistical factor analysis. For such prepared materials the application of regressive method was proposed in purpose of calculating combustion heat value and then the comparison of empirically determined and theoretically calculated heat values was performed. The change of regressive coefficients can be determined by the nature of Hess law (eq. 1) what was investigated and the attempt of its explication and validation was done.
Keywords: Heat; Combustion; Waste; Wastes; Slimes; mixture; Coal; Oils; Oil; Fuel;
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