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Design and construction of underground openings are associated with many uncertainties with regard to input data. In the construction process of underground openings various levels of risks exist and these affect the safety and profitability of the project. The development of underground openings can be broadly categorized into three major phases of data collection, design, and construction. A significant level of uncertainty is associated with some of the key parameters involved in the aforementioned development phases. Moreover, it is very difficult to evaluate and quantify the effects of uncertainties on the underground project construction process. Additionally, the interactions between important risk elements are typically not well understood. The intention of this study is to develop a general risk model for underground opening projects located in soils and weak rock masses. The goal of the research is to identify and quantify important geotechnical risk elements. Moreover, a weighting procedure will be proposed for the identified risk elements.
Keywords: Soils; Soil; Risks; Risk; Models; Model; Underground; Tunnels; Design;
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