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Cost management in the conditions of increasing competition and unforeseen market turbulence constitutes one of the key areas of the enterprise’s activity. In the last two years the demand for hard coal on the domestic and global market of non-renewable resources has increased significantly. Polish hard coal mining industry, as an industry in the stage of decline, received a chance for rejuvenation. However, one of the most significant conditions of seizing this opportunity is the rationalization of mining costs and improvement of production effectiveness. Due to the significance of this issue, the main objective of the paper is to identify the possibilities of improving the production effectiveness in the hard coal mining industry. In order to meet such an objective, in the first part of the paper we measured effectiveness in the Polish hard coal mines in years 2006- 2011. The research encompassed three out of five mining enterprises operating in the country. Then based on the received results, guidelines concerning the improvement of effectiveness of production were created, taking into consideration infrastructural, technical, economic and organizational determinants. Furthermore, opportunities and threats for improving the production effectiveness, stemming from the external conditions have also been indicated.
Keywords: Cost; Costs; mining; Mines; Mine; Mines; Effectiveness; Profitability; Systems;
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