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This paper will address methods to manage hydraulic hose and coupling inventory so that parts will be available to build assemblies for the vast majority of equipment with as little inventory as possible. Topics also to be covered will include some basic hose assembly tagging techniques that will help keep equipment running by tracking problem hoses and building “band aid” kits, having problem hoses premade in stock, and inventory usage tracking (one of the biggest problems for any inventory manager is knowing which couplings have been used so they can re-order). Cradle to grave tracking of hydraulic and industrial hoses insures reliable service of vehicles and ethical disposal of old hoses and couplings. With accountability for disposal of hose products that may contain chlorine (neoprene tube material in some hydraulic hoses) and carbon black that will be scrutinized more closely in the future, a proactive approach should be adopted in order to minimize maintenance facility problems.
Keywords: inventory; Equipment; Tracking; Pressure; service; Services; Construction; Information; Engineers; Management;
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