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Coal dust explosions still remain the main hazard in the coal mining sector, notwithstanding their relatively wide recognition compared to other hazards and the development of effective methods of prevention. Coal dust explosions are still the cause of numerous catastrophes, often leading to fatalities. Fortunately, they rarely occur, and it is for this reason that their hazardous impact is often underestimated. This problem in Poland is being exclusively solved by the Central Mining Institute, Experimental Mine Barbara. Here, basic research on the phenomenon of coal dust explosions and prevention methods is carried out, as well as investigations into the causes and circumstances of past accidents. After 15 years of no coal dust explosion accidents in Poland (1987–2002), a few coal dust explosions have recently occurred, with tragic consequences. These events have taken place not only in hard coal mines, where the presence of dangerous coal dust is the result of common production cycle, and safety measures against coal dust explosions are subject to specific regulations, but also in coal-fired power plants. This is of special concern because prior to 1987, such accidents had been been reported only for coal mines and not for coal-fired power plants.
Keywords: Dust; Explosion; Coal; methane; Coal mine; coal mines; Hazard; Mine; Mines;
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