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For over 40 years the Institute of Innovative Technology EMAG has specialized in the development of systems and equipment for laboratory and on-line monitoring of coal quality parameters, as well as the implementation of these systems and devices in mines and power stations. Some of these systems, based on advanced radiation detection techniques such as -ray backscattering (ALFA-06 and ALFA -06/T systems) or dual energy -ray transmission measurement (ALFA-06/2E ash meter), and also the ALFA-06/3E system applying microwave technology for the measurement of moisture, have had numerous applications in Poland. At present, over 100 systems and devices are used in Polish hard and brown coal mines. For over 10 years, EMAG has been specializing in the development of systems and devices, based on natural gamma measurement technology. An on-line ash meter, RODOS and RODOS Ex, based on measurement of natural gamma radioactivity of coal, has been developed and put into operation. This technique has been also used in developing the portable ash meter WALKER and laboratory analyzer GAMMA NATURA.
Keywords: Ash; Coal; Systems; coal mines; Coal mine; Laboratory; Radiation; Technology; Walker; quality;
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