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The goal of this presentation is to firstly, review mine effluent permits in a number of regulatory jurisdictions; and secondly, to develop a strategy for incorporating the regulatory requirements into the environmental assessment (EA) process for new mine proposals. The focus was on the province of British Columbia (BC) and their recent initiative on the One Project, One Process initiative. This task was approached by reviewing mine effluent permits for various regulatory jurisdictions and comparing them to BC mine effluent permits. This comparison revealed a variety of approaches for designing mine effluent permits, but there is a common scientific approach, which supports the conclusion that the permitting of mine site discharges can be designed based on a scientific approach. This approach is expected to: (a) achieve sound environmental protection, (b) demonstrate the application of Best Achievable Technology, (c) incorporate sound sustainability approaches, (d) incorporate regulatory objectives, and (e) create efficiencies for the regulator and mining industry.
Keywords: Permits; Mines; Mine; Management; Mine effluents; Effluents; effluent; Processes; Process;
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