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Maintenance needs information about assets to optimize availability and production needs information about performance and consumption to maximize output. In considering both these needs together as, “Asset Optimization”, the information systems that support them are critical. The theory of Asset Optimization derives from the Lean Manufacturing concepts developed by Toyota, but some changes are required to apply this to mining operations. In particular, mining operations require automated systems due to their geographic spread and they need a strong emphasis on capturing under-performance losses as well as delays and stoppages in production. Leading metal miners and coal miners alike have applied these systems to good effect in the last 10 years. The concepts developed initially in minerals processing plants are now being applied to the mines themsleves as well as the mining logistics chain. Production increases of 5–10% are achievable with the right implementation and consideration of the some key lessons learnt in the last 10 years. Putting these lessons into action is one key step in the goal of optimizing asset performance and thus utilizing the resource at lowest cost.
Keywords: Systems; optimization; mining; Production; Performance; Process; Processes; Information;
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