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The European Guideline ETAG 027 - 2008 (“Guideline for European Technical Approval of Falling Rock Protection Kits”) defines the procedures to test rock fall barriers. Nowadays, this guideline is essentially the only test and construction framework utilized by manufacturers and it is also starting to enter in the mentality of designer who can clearly specify the performances of rockfall barriers. ETAG 27 (and the related European Technical Approval and the CE marking) represents a milestone for the rockfall barrier market, because it gives the possibility to compare the performances of different fences and it ensures the quality of the certified product. For these reasons ETAG 27 presently constitutes the base for tenders all around the world. Although rockfall barriers are in common use, designers and consultants do not have a clear overview of the real performances and the technological limits of these structures. The first problem can be solved using ETAG 27 criteria, which allow designing rockfall barriers at ultimate and serviceability limit state. Even though ETAG 27 uses crash tests performed with the Service Energy Level (SEL) and Maximum Energy Level (MEL), design with these concepts is not obvious or in common acceptance. Some preliminary questions must be solved.
Keywords: energy; Design; test; Tests; Impacts; Impact; Rocks; Rock;
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