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Lauri Gregg
LCG Energy Management Group
The implementation of Energy Management within the global mining industry has advanced significantly during the past 20 years. Consequently, the industry’s knowledge of energy efficiency improvement opportunities, more energy efficient technologies, renewable energy technologies, energy procurement practices, and most importantly, practical approaches for integrating the energy management best practices into business processes and operational procedures has improved greatly. Based on 25 years of experience leading the management of energy in mining operations and the Canadian mining community, the author discusses the key building blocks in the evolution toward becoming an energy efficient mining facility.

Sustainable energy management depends on the internalization of the behaviors related to the effective energy use by a mining organization. The paper outlines the typical business drivers that stimulate top management commitment to allocate the resources necessary for this to happen. It also explores the barriers that mining companies must overcome to maintain the commitment. Additionally, it will advocate the need for the application of the principles of organizational change management as part of the energy management implementation process.

The question regarding how energy management can be made to happen in a way that is practical for an established organization is answered by providing the details of the framework for energy management, the methodology for controlling energy use, and the roadmap for integrating energy as a key business parameter and production process input variable. An Energy Management System standard developed within the Mining Association of Canada’s ( MAC ) Towards Sustainable Mining ( TSM ) initiative has played an important role in increasing the capacity of the Canadian mining industry to manage energy. The impact of the application the MAC TSM Energy/GHG Management Protocol by Canadian mining companies will be discussed. In June of 2011, the international ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems standard was finalized and published for use. The structure of ISO 50001 will be outlined along with its applicability to the mining industry.

Opportunities for practically improving mining energy performance along with the most appropriate current new technologies will be identified. A brief discussion of case studies will be included that demonstrates the successful implementation of Energy Conservation Measures ( EAC’s ) and economic benefits. In conclusion, thoughts on important areas of research and development related to increasing mining energy efficiency will be provided.
Keywords: energy; mining; energy management; Processes; Process; energy efficiency; Canadian;
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